Hiking for Health

Get_EnergizedOne of the many benefits we have here in the Pacific Northwest is the ability to easily access great hiking trails within an hour’s drive from the city (Seattle). Whether novice, weekend warrior, or nature lover, there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Gently accelerating our heart rate, warming up the muscles with walking, conditioning our balance on uneven surfaces, breathing deeply and using our eyes and ears to appreciate the beauty of nature around us. The list of benefits for our bodies and minds grows.

So if you haven’t tried hiking in a while, now is a great time with summer weather helping to invite you outdoors. It can be as simple as walking around the park, or planning for a backpacking trip. Big or small, let the fun begin!

About Nancy Newman

Nancy Newman, LMP owner of My Massage in Seattle, www.mymassageinseattle.com Licensed Massage Practitioner MA#00024649 Craniosacral Therapist Usui Reiki Master
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