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SPECIAL OFFER  Bundle Up with Massages and save $50 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Save $50 on pre-purchased session bundle of 3 ninety-minute massages (regularly priced $300) for limited time pricing of $250.   Purchase now through November 15th.   

You will receive three vouchers which you can USE FOR YOURSELF OR GIVE to that special someone as a way of saying THANK YOU!   Vouchers must be redeemed by January 31, 2017.

Click on link below for the Three Massage Bundle Offer or call Nancy Newman at 206-419-5427.

Why Massage is an Important Part of Our Self Care

Massage heals by assisting the body to regain normal functioning, moves blood and lymph fluid for better circulation, breaks up scar tissue giving tissue and bones better movement, promotes the flow of metabolic waste from muscles, organs, tissues, for better elimination, stimulates digestion in the stomach and intestines, reduces inflammation and relieves pain, calms irritated nerves, stimulates tired muscles and relaxes tight muscles, eases stiff joints.

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Massage – Preventative / RestorativeMy Massage in Seattle

Receiving regular body work/energy work can be an essential part of your wellness program. Regular sessions can help you stay aligned, centered, and balanced. Why wait until you are suffering?

craniosacralCraniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet profound form of body work in which gentle adjustments remobilize restrictions to the small but vital movement of the bones of the cranium, spinal column and sacrum which float in rhythmically flowing cranio-sacral fluid.     Read more

reikiReiki Sessions

Nancy is a Reiki Master and graduate of the Reiki Training Program.  Most people experience a feeling of deep sense of relaxation, during and after a Reiki session.  It is in this state of relaxation, the Alpha state, that deep personal healing is achieved.  Not all people experience Reiki in the same way, yet almost all experience a feeling of increased well-being as tension, stress and anxiety are removed from the body.      Read more

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