Warming Up in Spring

Warming Up in Spring

Massage - BenefitsAs the weather gets warmer, you may be starting a new outdoor exercise routine or getting outside more often. When you begin any new exercise routine, your body may take some time to adjust and you could have muscle aches and pains.

Getting a massage or craniosacral session can offer many benefits for sore and overused muscles. Massage therapy can also help with reducing inflammation, helping you recover from your workout quicker.


Here are some ways massage and/or craniosacral therapy can help with your health this spring.

If you have an injury, therapeutic massage can help with recovery time. It also can help relax injured or overused muscles and reduce spasms.  Craniosacral therapy supports your central nervous system health with non-invasive light touch.   Intra-oral massage reduces tension in areas like those clenched jaws, or headaches, whiplash recovery.

For those suffering from insomnia, massage and/or craniosacral therapy can help improve quality sleep and reduce the amount of restless nights. Additionally, it can help with stress and anxiety. Rejuvenating your body as the endorphins are released.

Anyone that has a chronic pain issue can also benefit widely from massage and/or craniosacral sessions. Both increase circulation, helps with joint flexibility, and helps with the emotional stress that chronic pain can cause. Additionally massage can help increase the range of motion, beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

If you are pregnant, massage can offer a multitude of benefits in helping with pregnancy related pain. Whether you are dealing with back, neck or leg pain or need to relax and improve your energy, massage and/or craniosacral therapy can help.

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Happy Springtime!

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