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My Massage - Nancy Newman, LMP

I have had the fortune of getting treatments from Nancy Newman for the last several months. Nancy has great hands and a natural talent for healing people. I knew I was tight before, but I didn’t know how tight I really was, until Nancy started working on me regularly. My range of motion has increased greatly and I am more flexible with each session. She loves what she does, and most importantly she knows what she is doing – a winning combination for the therapist and the client.

M.H., Seattle, Washington

I have had many massages before, but none that have produced immediate and  long-term results as the work I’ve had done by Nancy. Her technique really gets to the core of my problem areas and my muscles and connective tissue respond sowell during our sessions. Nancy is very in tune with my body and how it responds — we work in harmony to melt the tension away. She is excellent at identifying any structural alignment problems specific to my body, and works to get my alignment back to its normal state. After each session, I walk away feeling light, relaxed and more in tune with my body.

J.H., Seattle, Washington

(Note:  The following comments are copied from unedited reviews posted to my account on Yelp)

(posted 1/2013)

Finally, I am on the path to structural wellness and living without discomfort after discovering Nancy! On the weekends I like to overcompensate for being desk-bound during the week by engaging in intensive hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc.  However, my poor muscles sometimes hate me afterwards, leading to cumulative stressed areas in my body.  Foolishly hoping that these trouble spots would magically disappear over time, I have at times neglected these sports-related issues, occasionally trying various modalities in moments of desperation without much in the way of substantive results.

Thank goodness Nancy answered when I dialed her in desperation this weekend, realizing that my lower back and hip felt like an arthritic 90 year old’s!  And bless her heart for fitting me into her schedule when she realized I was in serious discomfort.

Upon arriving at her house, in which she has a lovely, clean, spacious work studio, I immediately felt comfortable and welcome.  Nancy herself is an extremely good listener, and I felt myself relaxing as I discussed my issue.  She seemed extremely present and focused on what I was saying, and this attention carried through to the actual massage.  I was extremely interested to see what her technique would be like since she incorporates structural integrative techniques into her massage, and I was very happily surprised!

In the past, I have tried everything from rolfing to therapeutic massage (aka painful massage with prejudice) to chiropractics, and in the past I often left those other practitioners’ sessions feeling literally bruised and figuratively traumatized.  Other practitioners seemed to try to manhandle or power through trouble spots without addressing the underlying issues creating the problems.

For once, that was not the case with Nancy.  I am amazed at how she was able to create positive improvements in my mobility and decrease my pain through working on complementary areas in various parts of my body.  She was extremely gentle as she coaxed the various lines of muscles into letting go of their tension – all in a very comforting manner.  And while she was unable to magically fix ALL of my sports issues in a single session, I am incredibly amazed at the increased range of motion and pain relief I experienced after just one session.  I will definitely be back to see her, and I highly recommend her to others!


Anthony P. (6/2012)

I wanted to take a few minutes to write a thoughtful review.  After a long tense month at work, I called Nancy to book a last minute appointment hoping she had availability.  Luckily, she had a time available.  At that time, she encouraged me to use the Yelp offer as a new customer.

The studio in her home was warm and welcoming.  A proper meditative mood was set with the music,  a water feature and lighting.  Nancy’s experience and skill was evident from the start.  After a short chat about my body’s needs, she began the massage.  I have to tell you – this was the most relaxing and most effective massage I have ever experienced.  It transcends massage in its results – true structural integration bodywork. I left her table feeling better than I had in years.   My posture improved after the time she took to work my neck, shoulders and chest.  My legs still feel amazing and now are planted directly below my knees (not turned out slightly as they had been).

I cannot recommend Nancy highly enough.  She’s a pleasure to speak with and very skilled therapist. I will absolutely make another appointment to have her work more on my lower body.


Katherine H. (1/2012)

This was my first appointment with Nancy, I found her on yelp with that sweet discount and me in a lot of pain.

Not what I expected or previously experienced from massage therapy but truly amazing. It was like the pain in my upper body kept falling off exponentially after the massage and by the time I went to bed that night, the pain was gone. This morning I’ve had twinges but it’s because I’m not breathing and I’m slouching forward -crumpling in on my self. As soon as I get a twinge I stop everything, roll my shoulders back and take some nice deep breaths and voila! no more pain.

Nancy realigned me so that I can listen to my body and heal myself -yay!

I highly recommend Nancy, her peaceful, beautiful home and studio and the entire experience. I really needed that -thanks Nancy!


Note from Nancy:  I want to express my thanks to those clients who have shared their comments (posted on Yelp).   It’s always helpful to others to read honest feedback, especially when considering a new self-care service.