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Stressful contributors seem to be on the rise in our individual and collective lives these days.  And from the media and research sites, it appears we are in for a wild ride on many levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

In keeping with my heart mission to make a difference in this life by helping others, I will be using this blog to share articles and topics that I hope will educate, inspire and support us, and our overall health.

You may have noticed on my website a new column of links titled RESOURCES & LINKS.  Many are scientific sites giving credible data that help us see more clearly deep issues that we are confronted with.  Often when we face our perceived fears, we gain strength to find tools for creative solutions.   I hope that you will find these tools helpful in your own journey of life.

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This month I feature Bruce Lipton’s YouTube video Here’s the intro:

Published on Oct 5, 2016

Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and advocate for truth, peace and harmony. We discuss this exciting time for humanity, and that each one of us is a great and powerful part of the change we wish to see, and that by changing the environment around our societies we change everything, like the cells in and around a body…We talk about creating new, healthy, harmonious systems, and the great revolution of consciousness, as we remember we are all the midwives of a great new world which is possible if we re member and re empower ourselves enough to manifest it… We also discuss depression, disharmony and stress being a natural symptom from a healthy body and mind in a system which is exhausting it, and driving it mad…

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